Executive coach
Janine Moon

Real solutions for individuals, teams and corporations
in the face of constant, discontinuous change

Build a culture of
agile change

With Janine's tools for workplace engagement

Get the most from
your employees

With Janine's program for Career Partnering

Be more successful

with Janine’s model for the 21st century business brain


Successful businesses leverage both brains and hearts

Janine Moon’s groundbreaking paradigm for employee engagement in the 21st century scientifically connects your workforce to business goals, resulting in a more profitable use of payroll dollars and greater effectiveness across the board.

Leveraging both brain power and emotional building blocks, Janine will teach your employees, teams and leaders how to thrive in a world where economies are global, technology is ever-changing and the playing field can be redefined without warning.


A meaningful and introspective path to change how to think and face head-on, work in today's environment.




Janine has a natural ability to stretch people’s thinking and allow them to look at possibilities and turn obstacles into opportunities.




Janine will challenge you to reach beyond your perceived limitations. Through a detailed process, thoughtful observations, and honest discussion, Janine will help you explore the way you work and how you can find enjoyment in what you do.