Career Partnering

Build a culture of agile partnership

Workforce planning today isn’t easy. The global economy, persistent technological change and multi-generational workforces are challenges in themselves. Now add in downsizing, changing skill requirements, re-engineered work processes and the increased use of contingent workforces. It’s no wonder both employees and employers are frustrated.

Career Partnering, Janine Moon’s groundbreaking model for agile workplace planning, finds order in the confusion. It recognizes that:

  • Organizations need engaged, committed associates aligned with business direction, not just seat warmers
  • Employees need to understand how work aligns with their careers, not just how it benefits the company

Improving Business Outcomes

When employees actively own their careers and employers share the company’s knowledge and vision, career planning naturally segues into a multi-faceted partnership built on the agile power of the 21st century business brain. The result is employees who make bigger, more aligned contributions and employers who benefit from the improved business outcomes that result from employees committed to business success.

It is, as the saying goes, a win-win.


“An engaged employee is not just marking time doing whatever work is necessary to earn a paycheck, they are joyfully and effortlessly contributing their greatest gifts toward the organization's mission.”