Take advantage of free worksheets and white papers to help with employee engagement & career partnering.


Worksheet #1: Exploring Career Options

This worksheet provides guidance as you explore career options, including online resources and professional contacts.

Worksheet #2: Potential Development Areas, Competency Assessment

This worksheet helps you assess your professional development needs, at any career stage. Knowing what professional growth you seek can help you as you recruit mentors.

Worksheet #3: Exploring Networks & Networking

The absolute only way to explore the unpublished job market is through your connections. This worksheet guides you in examining your network and where/how you might strengthen it.

Worksheet #4: How Strong Are Your Career Assets?

This worksheet helps you consider the strength of the assets you bring to any position along your career path: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Strong and healthy assets in each area grows your value to any employer.


Whitepaper on Career Ownership/Career Partnering

The state of “career management” today is in turmoil: career ladders don’t exist; managers don’t have or know career “next steps” for themselves, let alone for their reports; and huge numbers of professional, highly skilled people are unemployed or underemployed and can’t find work while millions of positions are unfilled. Yet when asked, “Who owns your career?” most people will immediately respond: “Well, I do of course!”

Career ownership takes very different behaviors than traditional career thinking or career management, but neither employers nor employees readily know or practice those behaviors. This white paper provides critical behaviors for taking responsibility for career management, for both roles. As long as one is in need of the other, only ownership/partnership behaviors provide a “win-win.”

Whitepaper on Generations & Next Gen Leaders

We are looking at five generations in the workplace, and Baby Boomers are beginning to retire in numbers. Without a strong understanding and respect for the values of each generation translated into workplace culture, leaders will surely lose valuable employees, see sky-high turnover costs and struggle with leadership succession. This white paper highlights differences, similarities and how generational values can be used to create a stronger work force that creates a huge impact on the organization’s bottom line.

Whitepaper on Workforce Issues for Utilities

Municipally owned utilities are struggling with workforce stability and leadership: younger workers want different things, have little loyalty and seldom see local government or utilities as career paths. By taking a comprehensive look at culture and employment practices—by paying attention to People Supply—these utilities can create a workforce that provides what municipally owned utilities need to stay strong in changing times. While providing the “why” behind workforce issues, this white paper also provides the “what” and “how” for leaders to shift the utility culture to one that works.


A meaningful and introspective path to change how to think and face head-on, work in today's environment.


The concepts Janine presented set the right tone and gave our people tools to use for self-reflection and productive conversations about career progression.