Change Agility

Embrace change and succeed

Not since the industrial revolution has our world undergone such a rapid and extreme shift in the way we work than during the transformation we’re experiencing right now. Thanks to the global economy, technology and multi-generational workforces, it matters less what worked yesterday than how agile we are in the face of change.

Today’s economic environment rewards those who quickly embrace and adapt to this constant and unrelenting change, a learned skill known as change-agility. Janine Moon’s models for leadership, organization alignment and engagement lead the way to the change-agility mindset, a skill essential to both employers and employees who wish to succeed.


We know that humans are hard-wired to be resistant to change.

Organizations with engaged employees score between 12% and 34% higher
on customer satisfaction scores.

If we don’t teach people how to overcome this default response, organizations can’t grow beyond 20th century thinking.


“Janine will challenge you to reach beyond your perceived limitations. Through a detailed process, thoughtful observations and honest discussion, Janine will help you explore the way you work and how you can find enjoyment in what you do.”