Meet Janine

Janine Moon’s model of career ownership has forever redefined the way both individuals and corporations must approach the world of work. Recognizing that the 21st century business brain must actively seek opportunity in the face of change, Janine’s win-win strategy teaches employers and employees to strengthen resilience, meet changes head-on and create relationships that ensure innovative and productive results.

Her two books, Career Ownership and Career Partnering, are the culminating work of over 30 years in corporate environments during times of tremendous industry change. Through consulting, coaching, speaking and workshops, Janine leads the way to equilibrium in the face of evolving global economies, massive changes in technology and the rapid obsolescence of the linear ladder to success. The result is an adaptive, engaged talent pool positioned to lead the way to success.


A captivating speaker, Janine has engaged with hundreds of audiences, exploring the new model for teamwork, communications, leadership, management, strategic influencing and more. Her speeches and workshops are individually created to speak to the challenges most important to your organization. Contact Janine for a dynamic, compelling experience that will forever change the way your employees engage with the success of your organization.


Janine possesses that rare combination of C-Suite experience and coaching credentials. As one of only five Master Certified Career Coaches in the U.S.—and one of even fewer with an executive background—Janine makes a direct and relevant connection with executives, cross-functional groups, and boards of directors, helping them navigate our rapidly changing business world with alacrity and confidence. Contact Janine for 1:1 coaching, consulting and speaking and workshops.


Janine has advised individuals and organizations as a coach, adjunct professor and executive. She has led organizations during downsizing and technological change, through revolutions in corporate cultures and during political firestorms that challenged the very existence of the organization. Contact Janine to learn how she can help you lead the way to business success in the 21st century.

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An engaged employee is not just marking time doing whatever work is necessary to earn a paycheck, they are joyfully and effortlessly contributing their greatest gifts toward the organization's mission.


Your ability to focus discussions and to elicit information from attendees is both impressive and much appreciated... much of this session's success can be attributed to your strong leadership and effective facilitation.


Janine has the leadership experience and hands-on expertise to bring great credibility to her messages.


Janine will challenge you to reach beyond your perceived limitations. Through a detailed process, thoughtful observations and honest discussion, Janine will help you explore the way you work and how you can find enjoyment in what you do.


Engaged employees have 18% higher productivity and 60% higher quality than less or unengaged employees.